What is there to do besides fishing? We are glad you asked! There are many activities that will be sure to keep the most avid outdoor enthusiast entertained for days. Immerse yourself in nature and explore unspoiled wilderness and unparalleled beauty combined with the exceptional comfort we provide. Make Mar Mac Lodge your home away from home as you explore the beauty that Esnagi Lake has to offer. Enjoy the amazing scenery, view wildlife, explore the lake’s beaches and spend some time on land on one of the nearby trails. Don’t forget to bring your camera!


Our new Boreal Escape Package comes with one 16ft Paluski Passage Canoe for every two adults. Alternatively, anyone staying at Mar Mac Lodge may rent one of these safe and stable vessels to explore Esnagi Lake! For those who have their own canoes or kayaks, they can be easily transported to the lodge by Via Rail for a fee.

Imagine paddling a remote northern Ontario lake without having to bring a canoe full of supplies for making your own shelter and cooking your own meals. We will point you towards the best places to canoe and kayak with high success rates of seeing wildlife. The possibilities for exploration are endless.

Kayaking On Esnagi Lake View Of Trees Aspect Ratio 531 465
Canoe On Esnagi Lake Aspect Ratio 850 465
Kayaking On Esnagi Lake In Shallow Water Aspect Ratio 529 465


Explore the boreal forest on foot! We can point you to trails of interest. Many lead to other, smaller bodies of water.


Esnagi is famous for it’s scenery, it’s sunsets and it’s wildlife. Our guests have the chance of seeing moose, bear, lynx, fox, hare, a multitude of water fowl, herons, eagles, loons and even beavers, otters, mink, muskrats and more!

Moose Swimming In Esnagi Lake Aspect Ratio 531 465
Canoe On Sandy Beach With View On Lake Aspect Ratio 850 465
Loon Surfacing From The Water Aspect Ratio 529 465

Swimming and Beaches

While many guests enjoy a quick dip in the lake right off our dock, there are also several beaches to visit on the lake where you can swim, sun bathe, picnic and explore.