Top Ten Reasons to Choose a Cedar Strip Boat

in no particular order as each reason is just as important!

1) Aesthetics. The iconic cedar strip simply looks beautiful upon the water. It truly is a symbol of the ultimate Canadian wilderness getaway.

2) Safety. These boats are the most stable of any on the market.  Large lakes sometimes get rough and we want our guests to feel safe at all times!

3) Support local, small business. We’ve been buying these handcrafted beauties from Northern Ontario based Giesler Boats since our inception. Like us, this business is another multi-generational family business currently operated by the third generation.

4) Strength. “The weight to strength ratio of wood is better than most other materials being used in boat construction. This means that wooden boats are lighter and stronger than most boats made from other materials.” ~

5) Quiet. “Wood will also withstand constant flexing, thus giving cedar strip boats a softer, quieter ride , even in the roughest waters.” ~

6) Easily repaired. Scuffs and scratches can easily be buffed out ensuring the boats remain pleasing to the eye for many years.

7) Environmentally friendly. Built of biodegradable materials and finished without the need of hazardous chemicals, these boats do not leave their mark on this earth, or spend their resting days taking up space in a landfill, or worse bottom of a lake or middle of the forest.

8) Comfortable and roomy. While we aim to ensure one boat for every two anglers, many of our customers decide they want to seat more in one boat. These boats comfortably can hold 4 adults for a day of fishing should you require.

9) Speed. When combined with a 20HP motor speed is not compromised for safety.  Additionally, we have learned that a 20HP will propel these beauties as fast as a 25HP propels heavier aluminum fishing boats!

10) Tradition. Our family has been using these boats on Esnagi since 1959. It’s hard to mess with their amazing success record. For over fifty years our guests have been telling us just how much they appreciate our choice.

To learn more about these wonderful watercraft please be sure to pay a visit to Giesler Boats.

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