Plants Growing On Log By The Clean WaterSustainability is of utmost importance to Mar Mac Lodge Wilderness Resort. We have been entrusted as stewards of this land and we will work hard to ensure that we leave the land and lake unspoiled for generations to come.

Maintaining The Land

Each year we make changes and decisions based on what is best for our environment. Our goal is to always improve. The world is facing many environmental crises and while we can’t operate without some sort of carbon footprint, we will be taking steps each season to lower our impact on this great planet of ours.

For the 2021 operating season we will begin using more environmentally friendly cleaning products. This is a bit of a challenge during a world pandemic when at the same time we must adhere to strict sanitization procedures. To lower our footprint during these trying times, we have sourced cleaners and detergents in concentrated version thereby limiting the number of bottles we bring in over the course of the season. We will be trying out laundry strips over powders and liquids and using dryer balls instead of dryer sheets.

We will also be running a trial program for our shore lunch kits and packed lunches. Expect to find reusable utensils. Our bagged lunches will incorporate paper products and re-usable containers in lieu of traditional “zip-lock” plastic bags.

View Through The Forest Over The WaterDrinking water from single use plastic bottles is one of the worst things any of us can do. While we cannot prohibit you from bringing cases of water in, please realize you must bring your plastics out. Instead, why don’t you bring a reusable bottle and fill it each day from our treated water system? Don’t have a reusable? We will keep a supply on site and lend you one for your stay.

Garbage and recycling have always posed problems for businesses who operate in remote locations. Current customers are used to our most recent sorting system:  organics to be composted off-site, paper products to be burnt, and everything else to be eventually shipped out by airplane. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a floatplane filled to the brim with refuse and knowing the part you played in it.

YOU CAN HELP! New for 2021 season we are implementing a new recycling program. We will continue to compost all organic trash and burn all paper trash. We now request that customers bring their glass, cans, and plastics home with them. We suggest ensuring you have a tote or totes big enough to collect and contain your recyclables. We will have cardboard boxes available should you need them. This practise is standard procedure at any national or provincial park, and we think ALL wilderness based establishments should immediately adopt this policy. We thank you for your co-operation.

Mar Mac Fisherman Overlooking Water And TreelineMaintaining Our Fishery

We realize the most important ingredient in satisfying our angling guests is the quality of our fishing. Province-wide slot sizes were introduced in 2002 to ensure healthy fish populations. Esnagi Lake was way ahead of the rest of Ontario when slot limits were established in 1993. This means more and bigger fish! Our efforts have been rewarded as we can offer some of the finest fishing in Canada!

You Can Help

By releasing as many fish as possible and choosing a Conservation License you can conserve fish stocks. If we keep all the fish we catch, quite simply someday there will be no fish for anyone to catch. Should we all treat the high quality of our fishing with respect we will be doing our part to ensure bountiful catches for future generations.

Catch & Release Means Better Fishing!

Larger fish are our best spawners and pass along the genes for bigger fish. When you catch a “trophy”, we encourage you to release it back into the lake. Should you want a memento for your wall just take a few measurements and a couple of photos. There are excellent taxidermists who can manufacture an exact replica of your catch.