Mar Mac Lodge Wilderness Resort is your location for moose, bear and small game hunting. We specialize in ethical hunting practices and cater to those seeking game for sustenance purposes. Moose hunts are offered in archery season only.

Esnagi Lake is accessible only by air or rail resulting in an unspoiled wilderness setting and ensuring high quality fishing and hunting wilderness vacations. The lake sits north of Wawa and East of White River in beautiful Algoma Country, Northern Ontario in WMU 22. Esnagi is part of the Great Lakes Basin and is about 45 kilometres (27 mi) long and 5.0 kilometres (3.1 mi) wide. The primary inflows are the Magpie River from Mosambik Lake at the north end of the lake, Tripoli Creek on the west side. The primary outflow is also the Magpie River, which flows from the south end of the lake and eventually into Lake Superior.

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