COVID-19 Housekeeping Plan Package


Your 2020 Housekeeping Plan Package at Mar Mac Lodge will consist of:

Fully equipped cottages:  we supply all your linens and everything you need to prepare and cook your own meals.  Just bring your own food supplies.

Contactless service:  once you enter your cottage we will not enter it again until your stay has ended.  We will deliver fresh towels daily to your deck.  It will be your duty to ensure any garbage you need disposed of is placed on your deck.  Each cabin will contain a shore lunch kit comprised of all the tools you require for cooking your catch while out on the lake.

Boat and Motor combination for every two persons:  18 foot hand crafted cedar strip boat with 25 HP motor.  Again, we will provide contactless service for the cleaning and servicing of your boat while you are here.

You will provide:  your own food and fishing gear.  We suggest you bring your own life jackets however you may use our sanitized life jackets.

Travel information:  The train is currently running only Saturday and Sunday.  Your stay will either be a 6 night stay (Sunday to Saturday) from White River, OR an 8 night stay (Saturday to Sunday) from the Sudbury direction.

Alternative length of stays may be available on a limited basis using White River Air’s float plane service.



Any cottage used for housing our guests will have sat vacant for at minimum 1 week.   After a group leaves we will wait for 3 days before we enter the cottage.  At that time we will enter to do a full disinfectant spray of the cottage.  2 days after the spray we will enter to remove linens, garbage and do a full industrial strength sanitizing of each and every surface in the cottage.  Linens will be washed, sanitized then set aside for 1 full month before being reused.

The main lodge (dining room, tuck shop, pool room and lounge area) will not be open to guests.

While on our property and dock social distancing will be strictly adhered to.

All packages are to be prepaid prior to arrival by credit card or cheque. This is to ensure that your check out will be contactless.

We will be running a maximum of 10 guests per week.

We are currently open exclusively to Canadian customers.  We will be overjoyed to welcome our American friends back at Mar Mac Lodge when the Canada/US border is open to leisure travellers.



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