Northern Ontarian Shore Lunch

You hear about them, you see photos of them as you begin researching your wilderness vacation, but what exactly is a traditional Northern Ontarian shore lunch?

A shore lunch typically consists of fish that were caught while you were fishing that morning.  They are filleted and battered and cooked over an open fire along with potatoes, onions and brown beans.  If you hire a guide, your shore lunch will be cooked for you.  Alternatively you may pre-order a kit from the lodge for a DIY style shore lunch.

If you’ve hired a guide for the day he will ensure you find a few hot spots and that you’ve enjoyed a fun morning of catching fish.  At noon, after a couple of nice eating size fish are selected, your guide directs your boat towards a pre-designated “shore lunch spot”.  This spot has been selected for ease of parking and is equipped with a fire pit, grill, tables and seating.

The guide immediately gets to work building a fire.  As the fire and oil get hot enough for cooking, your fresh catch and sides will be prepped.  Along with your fish you will enjoy yummy, deep fried potatoes and onions along with brown beans cooked right in their can over the fire.  The finished meal is presented buffet style.  Load up your provided paper plates, grab your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy your meal as you take in the sights and sounds of the lake and forest surrounding you.  This is the way it’s been done for decades here in the north.  And while simple, it is scrumptious!

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